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What Customer Experience Really Means Customer experience holds the promise of profound benefits for executives who understand what the term, “customer experience,” really implies:

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  1. Your company doesn’t have a customer experience. Customers do.
  2. The customer experience does not begin and end with your company’s “touchpoints”. Competitors’ actions, expectations set by other industries, life changes, and changes in customers’ economic, technological, and political situations all influence the customer experience.
  3. Customers filter their experiences through their associated memories, mental models, values, perceptions, cognition and emotions.
  4. Whether you manage it or not, your customers are having an experience with your company.
  5. 20th century management methods assure that customers will have disjointed experiences delivered by discreet silos that regard customers as “targets” (marketing), “users” (product development), “audience members” (advertising), “prospects” (sales), or “callers” (customer service).
  6. 21st century customer experience research methods, many developed by Whyze Group, surface meaningful insights into customer experiences, in accordance with the time frames and contexts in which experiences form.
  7. The mental models of managers who spend 20 years in an industry are almost always misaligned with the mental models of customers, who may spend as little as 20 seconds dealing with you.
  8. An authentic, deep understanding of the customer experience shifts executives’ mental models into closer alignment with those of customers and accelerates their innovations of experiences that matter.
  9. Successfully innovating the customer experience builds on an orchestrated delivery across your company.
  10. Sustaining a compelling experience requires that you focus on monitoring the consistency with which customers achieve their desired outcomes, not the consistency of company processes.

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