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P&C Insurance Company Uses Persona to Design New Customer Experiences A leading property and casualty insurer needed to improve its customer experiences fast to avoid continued flat line growth. Customer referrals drive sales in this industry and our client was at significant disadvantage.

opzioni binarie è legale Whyze Group facilitated a customer experience management audit with the company’s innovation team.  Once the team reviewed and discussed all of the evidence from research studies the company had conducted, team members agreed that the company’s value proposition and customer experience were less compelling than those of competitors.  Even with all the company research at hand, the team was still unsure of where to focus the company’s innovation efforts.

watch To fill the team’s knowledge gaps, Whyze Group mapped the customer experience, surveyed customers, interviewed employees and led cue scans with the innovation team.  These were instrumental in imbuing the team with a visceral understanding of what their customers really go through.  Moreover, the team galvanized around a focused set of opportunities to improve customers’ experiences. The most important finding was that nearly all of the company’s investments in the customer experience were focused on getting prospects to buy policies. Customers received little or no attention from the company after they bought. 

click here This lack of attention mattered to customers in varying, but significant degrees.  Whyze Group identified four customer personae.  Each was unique with respect to their mental models and expectations of insurers.  Of the four customer personae identified, one was particularly sensitive to the level of care they received after the sale. Whyze Group facilitated a series of customer experience design sessions aimed at delighting this persona.  The innovation team identified six customer experience innovation opportunities and prioritized them according to criteria that we helped them develop.  These included the number of customers affected, the increase in experiential value to customers, the change management challenges for the company and brokers’ businesses and the effectiveness to which each innovation would fulfill the company’s brand promise. We identified and prioritized a set of initiatives that are being implemented with the support of the CEO and executive committee.

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