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Food Processing Company Innovates Industrial Accounts Management Processes

October 7th, 2008

Managers at this billion-dollar proteins processing company hired us to help them deepen relationships with supply chain partners like Campbell’s Soup. The company wanted to explore alternative account relationships that would add value to partners. In addition, the company wanted to understand the implications of migrating from the existing account team structures.

Whyze Group interviewed key company executives, reviewed internal documents and mapped the company’s national accounts relationship process. Whyze Group conducted detailed industry analysis and supply chain research.  In addition, we interviewed key managers of Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Winners, such as Solectron and Fedex, which successfully addressed similar partnering challenges.

One of the most productive shifts Whyze Group accomplished was reorienting managers from a supply chain view to a demand chain view. Our client’s downstream partners were closer to consumers. Downstream partners experienced pressures that shifted in response to consumers’ eating habits and budgets.

Whyze Group presented the executive team with three models for building deeper, more profitable relationships with its demand chain partners.  All three models were conceived with the intent to enhance our client’s ability to sense shifts in consumer demand, contribute insight to industrial partners and respond proactively to joint opportunities. 

Working together, we drew the implications on account team organization, skills, timing, activities and performance metrics. These partnering models have become foundations of the company’s partner strategy.  They’ve enabled our clients to build and strengthen relationships with national account partners.

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