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Paint Manufacturer Learns that Customer Experiences Start with the Can (not What’s in It)

October 7th, 2008

A manufacturer of exterior coatings wanted to find ways to initiate superior customer experiences among shoppers browsing for deck stains.Managers wanted to know what consumers currently experience when they shop for deck stains. 

A customer experience management audit revealed that the company had done little consumer research before. The company had only recently hired a marketing staff. Cryptic product names reflected chemical properties that were meaningless to us and, we presumed, other non-chemists.  We suspected that homeowners needed more user-friendly information before they’d even consider buying this brand.

Whyze Group moderated interviews with do-it-yourselfers who own patio decks and other exterior wood products. Through this exploration, we identified six expectations and 14 different concerns among prospective users of deck stain products. 

With Whyze Group’s help, managers identified 12 measures it could take to communicate more effectively and initiative positive experiences with shoppers in store aisles.

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