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Whyze Group Diagnoses CRM Failures

December 10th, 2004

Atlanta, GA, December 10, 2004—Jason M. Sherman will share his perspectives on why half of all CRM systems fail to meet company objectives at a meeting of the Association of Information Technology Professionals on January 20 in Atlanta.

Sherman is president of Whyze Group, a customer experience research and design firm in Atlanta. He has worked closely with CRM consultants and sees some potential blindspots among CRM providers and clients.

“Customer relationship management has come to mean technology to most companies, but it’s really about fostering authentic relationships between buyers and sellers,” Sherman explains. In his view, CRM technology is an enabler of the policies and practices companies follow to manage customer relationships. Without continually assessing and updating these policies to assure that customers’ needs are met, some CRM systems do little more than streamline the delivery of mediocre customer experiences.

Whyze Group facilitates management teams’ discoveries and innovations of new customer experiences. Whyze Group applies a reliable and powerful approach, integrating deep customer experience insight, strategic innovation frameworks and executive alignment workshops to guide managers toward innovation breakthroughs. Clients include Rubbermaid, Zales, Nationwide Insurance, Grainger, ING, Humana, Dominion Power, Key Bank and nGenera.

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