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Whyze Group is a Cleveland SEO

SEO is search engine optimization. SEO lets web surfers in Cleveland find you. Consumer psychology enables you to engage them.

I help my clients connect and engage with more customers.


Cleveland SEO at Whyze Group


I work with Cleveland small businesses like Hannah Perkins and CEBTOhio and more than thirty Fortune 500 firms across the U.S.

So, why is my little Cleveland SEO hired by clients nationally?

Applying consumer psychology to SEO and content marketing.

My background includes consumer research and marketing strategy consulting.

When developing SEO content for Cleveland service businesses, I apply insights about customer psychology, such as…

  • What customers need–satisfying both their rational and subconscious wants.
  • How to get customers’ attention.
  • The journeys customers go through to learn, evaluate and buy.
  • What customers experience consciously and subconsciously at each step on their journeys.
  • How customers make sense of their choices.
  • Ways to evoke customers’ emotions and make buying from my clients a “no brainer.”

The reason why psychology is important is this: persuading someone isn’t usually a matter of what app you use. It’s a matter of what you say and how you say it.

(Client testimonials.)

Creating SEO content that delivers engaging, influential customer experiences.

More often, I create pathways of SEO content. The reason is because making a purchase is never a one step event for your customer. I build the steps people intuitively take as they become aware, take interest, feel desire and buy.


Awareness interest desire action


I engage, inform and entertain them. Why? Because engagement doesn’t only lead to more sales. Engagement also raises search engine page rank. The more people engage with you online, the higher Google lists you in its search results.

Here’s another reason Cleveland clients come to me…

Speaking the language of Cleveland service business

I am a Cleveland service business and a proud participant in our vibrant community.

When a neighboring business says, “I want you to help me get more customers,” or, “I want you to increase my repeat business,” it’s more than a professional commitment for me.

It’s also my personal mission to help my neighbor business owners.

Simplying Cleveland SEO

I make it easy for clients to understand SEO and manage it successfully.

We discuss their goals. Then, I come back with a SEO plan, goals, budgets, timeline. The plan is based on consumer psychology, content marketing and SEO best practices.

I cover what we’re recommending and why. SEO becomes perfectly clear to my clients. They can focus on what they do best–running their businesses.

Knowing Cleveland Neighborhoods and Consumer Markets

Part of successfully applying consumer psychology to SEO content is speaking in the language of target customers.

That applies to different neighborhoods in and around Cleveland.


Whyze Group provides Cleveland SEO Services


Neighborhoods here have a unique vibe. For starters, there are Cleveland’s east side – west side cultures.

Then, there are also different shopping districts. Cleveland Heights’ is more diverse and bohemian than Solon, for example.

Depending on who my client is targeting, their SEO content needs to reflect their customers’ psychographics and demographics.

That includes their keywords.

Keywords have two important roles in  SEO

Keywords are what people type into Google. The same keywords on a web page tell Google what that content is about.

Google matches what its users type with web content. The best matches show up at the top of Google’s search results.

When my clients show up at the top of Google’s search results, they don’t have to spend as much on advertising.

So, how do businesses find the best keywords to make them more visible? The answer is keyword research.

Keyword research is a great starting point for SEO

I’ll use the page you’re reading right now as an example.

When I did keyword research for this page, “SEO” was the first keyword I looked up.

I found that “SEO” is a searched more than 15,000 times each month. I also learned there are thousands of SEOs competing for page one in Google for “SEO.”

So, if I’d used “SEO” as a keyword, we would not have connected.

I had to localize this keyword.  “Cleveland SEO” or “Northeast Ohio SEO” were options.

From keyword research, I learned that “Cleveland SEO” is searched 400 times each month. “Northeast Ohio SEO” is almost never searched.

Here’s a free Cleveland SEO tip you can use right now.

Are you using “Northeast Ohio” to describe your service area on your website? If so, try changing it to “Cleveland”. You’ll likely see more visitors to your website

Keyword research helps you create content that people will actually see. The right keywords help you get more web traffic.

Now let’s talk about another big Cleveland SEO tip. Your content.

Content is a big Cleveland SEO factor.

Google tracks how much Clevelanders engage with content on each web page. The more people engage, the higher Google ranks that page in its search results.

Even if a page momentarily ranks #1 in Google search results, the business has to continue to attract and engage new web visitors.

New content has to be added at least monthly. And, that new content needs to be compelling.

Google uses hundreds of variables to rank search results. (Google doesn’t share all the criteria it uses.) Most of Google’s ranking criteria relate to how its users engage with content.

Here’s a sample of what Google looks for.

  • The number of web visitors to each web page.
  • The portion of visitors who share that web content on social media.
  • How many other websites link to that content.
  • The portion of visitors who download content.
  • How organized the content is—the extent to which it’s organized by topic and subtopic.
  • Whether  keywords are used consistently in page titles, urls, headlines and content.
  • Whether text links use words that describe the content.

So, the goal should be to attract and engage people. Attract and engage are two sides of the SEO coin.

High quality content attracts and engages.

Quality over quantity.

How I can help you

SEO can be a little daunting. You don’t have to try to put content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and your website for SEO to work.

When you’re ready to begin or grow your SEO program, just do what your resources comfortably allow.

I’m here to help you identify your SEO opportunities and prioritize where to start. One good place to start is with keyword research. So, here’s an offer that’s free exclusively to Cleveland businesses.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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